From the Summer Kitchen to the Bakery

This is what comes out of the oven

> bread
> croissant
> ciabatta
> “kifli”


The flours come to us from the Garat mill in Mohács and the BIOM stone organic mill in Pécs.

In the early nineties, when grinding started at the water mill, the wood-fired oven in the summer kitchen also took on a new life. The first loaves – and many hundreds of them – came from the hands of Péter Füzes.

After starting up the “verkli” (the mill’s grinding machines) in the mill, Peter ran back to the schoolchildren, who had come to learn how wheat is first turned into flour and then flour into crusty bread. Back then, the water mill was the source of the good flour for bread. After Peter’s death the milling stopped, but the bread-making continued. We even made our own sourdough from flour and water.

Bread making was not only taught to school groups, but became a passion once and for all. In the early days, with no other option, we only baked in the wood-fired oven and kneaded the dough – a good 25 kg that fit in the tub – by hand. Year by year, the demand for our bread grew, the small oven and our arms could hardly keep up with the pace, so it was time to move on.

In February 2022, the Orfű Mills Bakery opened its doors, bringing a new dimension to bread baking. This small artisan bakery harmoniously combines traditional methods and modern technology. It is the constant attention and skilled hands of the baker and the clean and additive-free ingredients that give our products their high quality.

All our breads are made with natural leaven, an essential ingredient for good bread. In addition to breads, we also make pastries, including the delicately flaky pastries of our childhood, but also folded pastry layered with butter. Several of our customers have told us that they have felt like they were in Paris while eating our butter croissants.

We make these pastries in several savoury and sweet versions, with different fillings. Petya loaf is our oldest bread, which we learned to make from Péter Füzes in the wood-fired oven. With a little further refinement of the recipe and technology, we still make the Petya loaf, which has become the flagship product of Orfűi Malmok. The choice of name is a tribute to him.

Breads and pastries are available at our café counter all year round. Breads can be pre-ordered via the bread ordering post on our Facebook page.

Pastry workshop in the former miller’s house

While wonderful breads were baking in the summer kitchen oven, we also created the conditions for making sweets, and in the summer of 2017 we turned the former miller’s house of the water mill into a baking workshop. It’s here that we make the delicacies that fill the counter of our café every day, or even make to order for events. Our desserts include cakes, fruit pies, French tarts, macarons, crêpes, biscuits and cakes. The main thing is that we use only high quality and additive-free ingredients, and the flavours are chosen according to the season. We believe that all it takes to make a good cake is excellent ingredients, precision technology and the cheerful good humour of a pastry chef.