Vízfő Nature Trail

The 1 km long “Vízfő” trail starts from the Orfű Malmok. For the first few hundred metres, the trail follows the bed of the Orfű stream and it crosses the protected alder forest on a marked boardwalk before reaching the Vízfő spring. It is worth stopping here to admire the unique architectural work of György Csete: the Spring House.

We cross the stream twice to reach the Mecsek House, the headquarters of the local cavers. From here we can turn back through the meadow to the mills.

Attention! The area is highly protected, please do not leave the path, do not pick flowers, do not disturb animals and take your rubbish away with you!

What to see:

Spring, Spring House, Cave

Animals to observe:

kingfisher, bull’s-eye, chickadee, crayfish


alder, ferns

What’s in the alder forest?

For us, the “Vízfő” branch of the Orfű stream is vital, its water turns the wheels of the mills, but the stream also has a more important role to play before it reaches the mills. It has to meander along the borders of meadow and sometimes marshy alder woodland, irrigating them, and with its cooling mist maintaining the microclimate that makes our environment special. If you come with us on a trail hike, you can learn about the very special character of this protected enclave, and find out why there is such a big biodiversity in this small relict zone. But what is a relict anyway? The answer is surely part of the story that unfolds in front of our eyes and sometimes our imagination during the tour. We see – perhaps hear – extraordinary creatures, natural formations, even pass an early emblematic work of Hungarian organic architecture, but most importantly, together, we trace the connections, the rare and ordinary wonders that surround us constantly when we enter a forest.

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