What do we believe?


We work to strike a continuous balance; to ensure that we can operate without being a burden on the planet.

Local products

We buy the raw materials for our own products from local producers within a short distance, and from people we trust and know personally.


Following in the footsteps of our ancestors, our mission is to preserve the traditional Mecsek mill culture and the associated spiritual and material heritage.

People’s stories

Just as good leaven needs to be given time, we give everyone and everything the attention and space it deserves.

Living museum

Our mills are alive, our workshops are constantly working. Our visitors can be part of the making process.

Community space

In the old days, running mills had a huge community life. We continue to strengthen this tradition today with programmes and initiatives that engage the local community.

The Malomkő Foundation

The aim of our foundation is to protect the Orfű Malmok as a built cultural heritage site. We believe not only in preserving the past, but also in preserving and passing on values, traditional milling activities and other traditional crafts to the younger generation.