Irish weekend at the Mills

The Irish weekend “Music from the Island” at Orfűi Malmok has a history of 7 years, in 2024 we plan to make it happen for the 8th time. 

In 2017, some young trad. musicians from The Irish World Academy (University Limerick) arrived to our venue in Orfű to play their beloved Irish Music: that meant the beginning of our yearly Irish festival. We always knew that Irish trad. music has a great power, but we never expected that it would be such a huge success for our guests at the Mills. Now, after 7 years, we see that our Irish weekend is a “must” for many, the second weekend of July is marked with ink in many calendars.

During these years we were lucky and glad to welcome these outstanding musicians and bands on our stage:

Quentin Vestur, Simon Pfisterer, Susan Ní Cholmáin, Lucia Wagner, Antonia Dusa Wernig, Tommy Lundgren, Sylvain Pourtier, Sean Kellegher, Mick Loos, TALEA, BRAN, and more…

In 2024 the dates of “Music from the Island” are 12, 13, 14 July.

Come and enjoy Irish music and gastronomy  at the peak of the Hungarian Summer in the beautiful village of Orfű!